Medicine & Homeopathic Therapeutics is branch which deals with study of diseases and their Homeopathic Management. This department is one of the departments that , imparts the knowledge and skills through teaching and training the medical students for the III rd Year & IV Th Year and during internship. It also imparts the knowledge in the curative preventive and promotive concept of primary health care, and therapeutic utility.


This Institutions has all the types of modern facilities available in the hospital under the supervision of Hon’ble chairman & Medical Superindent e.g. Catscan machine (Computerized axial tomographical scanning), Ultra sonography machine, X-Ray Machine, physiotherapy machines etc. This is one of the renowned institution in Homeopathic field in the state of Maharashtra as well as in India.

This institution is located in a small city surrounded by rural area. In order to promote health care facilities the management has provided all medical facilities to poor patients in college hospital. The college meets the required norms of Central Council of Homeopathy New Delhi. This department is active in participation in training & Re-Orientation Programme. This department is conducting various seminars, and lectures are delivered by eminent physicians.

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