I with greater sense of pride and privilege place on record, my deep sense of gratitude to our young and Dynamic Leader H’ble Veejhay J. Magdum (Chairman, Dr. J. J. Magdum Trust.) and Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta (Vice-Principal, Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering, Jaysingpur.) for their faith in my work and and encouraging me in the completion of this work.

 I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Vijay Devappa Bhagate (Principal, Dr. J. J. Magdum Homoeopathic Medical College and Post Graduate Institute and Research Center, Jaysingpur.) for feeding valuable inputs throughout the process of developing this vibrant website without whose support this work would not have been possible.

 I also wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Naikwade Shabbir Khutbuddin for his continuous support for managing and providing the requested data for Web Portal.

 Furthermore I would like to thank all the Heads of Department, P.G. Coordinators and RMO for their inputs, writeups and vital contributions in preparation of this website.

I am grateful to Mr. Anil Balaso Gholap (Registrar, Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering, Jaysingpur.), Mr. Balasaheb Dattu Lohar (Office Superintendent, Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering, Jaysingpur.), and Jayavant Bhausaheb Patil (Office Superintendent, Dr. J. J. Magdum Ayurved Medical College, Jaysingpur.) for their Co-operation during the period of this assignment.

I would also like to convey thanks to my colleagues and specifically Prof. Somnath Janardhan Salunkhe (H.O.D. IT Department), Prof. Udaysinh Hindurao Kamble and Rajendra Annaso Bandgar (Network Administrator) for their Co-operation and help.

Special thanks and appreciations also go to Lab. Assistant Mr. A. D. Ware for his invaluable assistance.

And Finally, I wishes to express my love and gratitude to my beloved families; for their understanding & endless love, through the duration of this work.

 This web portal would not have been possible without the support of all above people.

Prof. Nadaf Akbar Huseni.

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