Sr. No. Name of Department Post As per Norms Name of Staff
i Anatomy Laboratory Attendant 1 Mr.Mule Vijay Tayappa
ii Physiology including Biochemistry Laboratory Technician 1 Mr.Santosh Ravasaheb Patil
iii Laboratory Attendant 1 Mr.Nidone Annaso Shidhu
iv Homoeopathic Pharmacy Laboratory Attendant 1 Mr.Mullani Gafur Abdul
v Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory Technician 1 Mr.Arihant Nej
vi Laboratory Attendant 1 Mr.Saranjame Nandkumar B.
vii Library Librarian ( Full time qualified with Degree/ Diploma) 1 Mr.Banne Subhash Shivmurti M.Lib.
viii Library Assistant (1 for every 50 admission) 1 Mr. Gangdhar Anil Janardhan Asstt. Librarian B.Com.(Diploma Library Science)
ix Adequate secretarial & Accounts staff Mr.Naikwade Shabbir K.
x Dark Room Attendant Dark Room Attendant

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