Organon Of Medicine

Introduction    The Organon developed slowly out of the Hahnemann’s thinking and experimentation. It is a masterful exercise in explaining the need for the homeopathic system and the showing, step by step, how to use it.    With this book… Read More


Introduction    It is impossible to practice Homeopathy without the aid of Repertories and the best Repertory is the fullest. The use of the repertory in Homeopathic practice is a necessity if one is to do careful work.    Repertory… Read More

Pathology and Microbiology

Introduction Dr.J.J.Magdum Trust’s, Dr.J.J.Magdum Homeopathic Medial College, Jaysingpur established in 1990 the department of Pathology & Microbiology established in june 1991 as the subject is for II nd year BHMS course. The subject Pathology is concerned regarding various investigations of… Read More

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Introduction The subject is of practical importance to the students of homeopathic medicine as homeopathic physicians can be employed by Government in areas where they may have to handle medicolegal cases, perform autopsies, apart from giving evidence in such cases.… Read More

Community Medicine

Introduction Preventive Medicine is a branch of medical science which deals with study of diseases and preventive aspects with proper management. Preventive medicine developed as a branch of medicine distinct from public health. Preventive medicine is applied to healthy people… Read More

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Introduction    Obstetrics and Gynecology is clinical subject concerned with female diseases, pregnancy, delivery and post delivery period with their complication. This clinical subject is studied with demonstration on patients. This subject is studied in IInd and IIIrd year B.H.M.S.… Read More


Introduction Surgery Department is one of the Clinical Department that, impart the Knowledge and skill (Teaching & Training) in the subject of Surgery & Homeopathic therapeutics for the students of II nd & III rd B.H.M.S. Course. Which include the… Read More

Practice of Medicine

Introduction Medicine & Homeopathic Therapeutics is branch which deals with study of diseases and their Homeopathic Management. This department is one of the departments that , imparts the knowledge and skills through teaching and training the medical students for the… Read More


Introduction    Homeopathic Pharmacy has laid the foundation of experimental human pharmacology. Homeopathic pharmacy means science of preparation of Homeopathic medicine or Homeopathic pharmaceutics. It deals with various drugs with their identification, collection, technique of preparation & dispensing, drug proving,… Read More