Repertory – Faculty

Repertory – Faculty 1 Designation HOD & Professor Name Dr. Mrs.Kognole Aarti Satish Qualification M.D. (Hom.) Date of Birth 02/04/1978 Date of Appointment 26/07/2001 Subject Repertory Full Time/ Part Time Full Time Name of State Board & Registration No. 33629,… Read More

Repertory – Syllabus

Introduction Repertorization is not the end but the means to arrive at the simillimum with the help of Materia Medica, based on sound knowledge of Homoeopathic Philosophy. Homoeopathic Materia Medica is an encyclopaedia of symptoms. No mind can memorize all… Read More

Repertory – Library / Aids

Repertory Department Sr.No Name of Equipmemt/ Material Available (Qty) 01 Books in Central Library 1846 02 Books in Departmental Libray 464 03 Charts 141 04 Box Files 22 05 Softwares 06 06 Slides 600 07 Internet Connection 08 Audio-Video Cassettes/… Read More